ZTE launches Axon M in China, Available Soon in European Countries


The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, ZTE is doing well in the technology market with its most innovative high-end smartphone, ZTE Axon M. The phone is quite unique as it carries a dual displays. The phone has a foldable display which you can use with four different modes. ZTE launches the same device in China today. 

ZTE Axon M was launched in last year in November month in the United States. The phone was initially made available from AT&T. Today, the company has officially launched this phone in Chinese market. This is not just done, the company has also announced that they will make this device available in European countries very soon.

ZTE has announced this Axon M smartphone at the 258m tall Olympic Tower in Beijing. The phone is going to available in the market from January 20 i.e. in China. If you live in China and want to purchase this phone, the device is available to purchase online from two e-commerce websites, MyZTE.com and JD.com. Apart from this, the phones will also be available offline from Chinese Telecom retailers in the market.

The officials have not disclosed any specific dates of the phone’s availability in Europe, however, according to sources, the company will make this phone available in Europe from the coming March month. In Europe, the phone will be available from all the leading carriers like Vodafone, TIM and many other more. The company will soon announce more details regarding its pricing and its availability from various carriers very soon.

Recently, ZTE Axon M smartphone got the Best Innovation Award at the CES 2018. Consumer Electronics Show has awarded this phone as the most innovative Smartphone of the year. This award is given to the giant who has developed the best tech gadget with an outstanding design and engineering. Well, the ZTE Axon M carries everything to impress you which is why the device got the Best Innovation Award.

The CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices, Lixin Cheng has said that, “Consumers are looking for inspiration.They want to have more options, but they also want to experience the world around them more fully and in different ways. The Axon M is our answer and it has been well-received by consumers in markets around the world. We will continue to develop and lead the industry in the foldable smartphone category to provide meaningful innovation to consumers.”

As far as the specifications of this phone are concerned, the ZTE Axon M smartphone carries two separate displays of 5.2 Inches. The displays offer full HD resolution with 1080 Pixels. You can combine two displays to work as one with more resolution 1920×2160.

Furthermore, the dual screens merge with a hinge and you can combine them together and can make them a single one. Since it has dual displays, it is one of the most thickest smartphone launched in the last year.

The device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 Chipset. It offers 4GB of RAM as well. Additionally, it has 64GB of Storage Memory as built-in memory. The phone also allows you to expand the memory of the device by using a microSD card on it. The device has a 3,180 mAh of battery capacity as well. The phone doesn’t feature cutting edges, however it has a very good design which looks absolutely stunning and more handy while using in real life.

So folks, that’s what all about the availability of this new ZTE Axon M smartphone in various markets. The company will soon make this device available in more countries as people are dying to get a hands-on of this most innovative smartphone in the world.

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