Zolt to start shipping its tiny laptop charger on November 17

By | November 4, 2015


Earlier this year, Zolt unveiled its tiny laptop charger at CES 2015, which was certainly one of the most interesting gadgets. Now, the company has announced that it will start shipping its tiny laptop charger on November 17. Zolt is 70 watt charger that is four times smaller and three times lighter than the regular laptop charger. This device can charge your laptops, tablets and phones over its three USB slots.

This tiny laptop charger is designed by fuseproject and has capacity to charge your gadgets in pretty easier, faster and less messy way. You can charge three devices at once by using just one power outlet. Zolt charger is a perfect charger for new generation laptops, phones, tablets and some other gadgets, as most of the devices come with similar power adopters. The size and shape of this charger allows this device to fit into any power sources like plug points or extension boxes.

Starting today, you can pre-order this tiny laptop charger from company’s official website for $100, though you may have to wait before Zolt clears all its previous pre-orders. The company will also ship its charger with multiple tips for most of the laptops, but you have to give extra $20 for Apple laptop tips. Zolt is still a good option if you have MacBook Air, as its replacement chargers costs $80.