ZeroLemon launches 5,200 mAh Battery case for Galaxy S9 phones


Samsung has officially announced their much awaited flagship phones, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphones in the technology market. The devices are now slowly making their ways to enter the new markets. The phones are launched with 3,000 mAh of battery capacity. Today, ZeroLemon has launched a new 5,200 mAh of battery case for the Galaxy S9 smartphones. 

Samsung’s new smartphones, Galaxy S9 phones using the latest, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 Chipset which comes with less power consumption feature. This Chipset adds 30% more battery life than the previous editions. Apparently, the device comes with the same battery capacity of the original Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Every Smartphone user wants to have bigger battery life on their devices to survive more. Well, if you are also concerned about the same, you can simply add ZeroLemon’s new case which is equipped with 5200 mAh of battery capacity. This case is designed for the new Galaxy phones and you can bring extra battery life for your devices.

If you live in the United States, ZeroLemon brings this case for you for your new Galaxy S9 phones. The case comes with 5,200 mAh Li-Po battery on it.

According to more information, by adding this new case to your device, it will add 115 hours of standby time. Additionally, it comes with 30 hours of calls and 61 hours of music playback. This is just an assumptions and the original timing of this device’ battery life may vary as per the situation and the usage of the device. As you know, many devices using different applications which consume more battery life.

As you can see in the images, the back panel of this ZeroLemon case comes with a button and 4-colored LED notification light. This is an indication light which shows you different capacity of the battery through the case. With the use of the button, you can disable the battery of the device and can help you to recharge it.

When disabled or when you turn off the case’ power with the button, the case will act like a normal case of the device. However, once you turn on, it will directly power into the Galaxy S9 phone and the device will start using the battery from this case.

If you are already impressed with this case and its compatibility for the newly launched high-end Samsung phones, the new ZeroLemon case is priced at $39.99. This cases will only be available in the United States so if you live in the US, you will be able to make use of this case to add extra-battery life to your smartphone.

If we talk about the US market, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 phones are available for pre-orders through almost all the carriers and the official website. You can even pre-order the device from the Microsoft’s official store as well. The devices will get shipped from March 16, i.e. from tomorrow.