YouTube’s new feature lets you stop watching YouTube

By | May 12, 2018

Google’s YouTube gets a new feature which now lets users tell to stop watching the videos on the platform. During the Google I/O 2018 conference, the company has introduced a number of controls for the YouTube platform which now lets the user take full control of exploring the platform. Users will be allowed to set proper timing of exploring the platform. 

Once you over limit the use of Youtube, you will receive a notification as a warning which will ask you to take a break. The new YouTube’s feature is already rolling out with a new YouTube app update. YouTube will also let the users to let change their behaviour of exploring the YouTube’s contents.

The new controls and this reminder feature rolled out already and in order to make use of these new changes, you have to first go to the proper app store and update the YouTube app from there. If you have the notifications of the update, you will receive a notification regarding the new YouTube update on your phone as well.

In order to start using this Take a Break feature on the YouTube’s mobile app, you just need to launch the YouTube app and click the profile’s Settings icon. There you could see the new feature with Remind me to take a break. Once you select this feature, you would see a number of timers on the page. For more information you can check out the below listed image.

As you can see in the image, you can set the reminder every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes. Once you set proper timing of reminder, you would receive a notification and the video which you are watching will be paused at that very moment. When you see the reminder with take a break, you can close down the app right away or can dismiss the notification and start watching the video.

The Take a Break Settings is optional in the updated YouTube app and it is set off by default. So whenever yo want to set a reminder to stop watching the YouTube’s videos, you can go to the Settings option and can set the reminder as per your requirements.

Go to : Settings > General> Remind me to take a break.

It seems like Google has rolled out this feature to a limited number of users. Many of the users are still awaiting for this update on their phones, however many of them have got the updated YouTube and they can see the new Controls in the Settings menu. What we could suggest is, wait for a couple of more days. This type of updates take longer than expected and Google might have released this update in phases. It will reach to your region very soon.