YouTube-mp3, the audio-ripping site is going to shut down

By | September 5, 2017

The infamous YouTube-mp3, the audio ripping site of YouTube that has been favorite of many has finally agreed to shut down. It has had its hand over the domain for a long while and now it has sold the rights to the Recording Industry Association of America. The RIAA has finally managed to sue the YouTube-mp3 and Philip Matesanz, its operator in the Californian court for the official rights, around a year ago. The site allows the users to enter the URL of the YouTube videos and get the mp3 audio out of it within the page that has been hosted on the site.


This kind of ripping is not new and has been in practice for years and years now. The YouTube-mp3 has been sued by the record industry back in 2013 in Germany first but the case has been backed up by many of the ripped files that that are stored in the own server which constituted the copyright infringement. The YouTube-mp3 has then vowed that it would stop making the backups and held liable for authorizing the contributory argument.

Though it is not new, the stream ripping has appeared to be one of the top piracy practices of the music industry. A report made by the PRS and the UK’s Intellectual Property Office; the ripping became a prevalent form of music piracy which is why the site has to face the closedown.