YouTube to launch its subscription based service



YouTube is gearing up for its premium service after giving 10 years of free service. Finally, video streaming service from Google is trying to launch its long awaited subscription service and according to the report published in Re/code reports, this service is expected to be launched by the end of October.

The Re/code report also suggests that the content creator have been asked to get ready for an “ads-free version” of YouTube that will be available for fans on a monthly basis subscription fee. There is no fix date announced for its release, but there is chance that it will be available by the end of October. We may get more details about this at the Nexus event, which will be held on Tuesday.

If we believe in the reports, this new ads-free service option will be out in YouTube Music Key that is a part of Google Play All Access. This also means that you just have to sign up by paying $9.99 and will get other services at the price of one.

Currently, the YouTube Music Key allows you to play music videos without any annoying ads and upu can play the music in the background on your phone devices. It feels like this new option will remove ads from entire site completely.

We can think that YouTube is flooded by the ads, but reality is that Google doesn’t make much money with this portal irrespective of its popularity. This is not going to affect Google much, but the content creators may feel some pressure for their revenue.