YouTube Dark Theme is now available for mobile platform

By | March 15, 2018

YouTube’s Dark theme which was only available for Desktop platforms, now headed to the mobile platforms as well. Starting with iOS platform, the much requested feature by mobile users to YouTube, the Dark Theme is now officially available. Dark Theme is kind of a useful feature which lets your YouTube’s White background change with complete dark black color. 

YouTube has officially announced this new function for the iOS users on Twitter. Yes, they took to Twitter to announce this new functionality on the iOS platform. As per their official tweet, “It’s finally here!
Dark theme is rolling out on iOS over the next few days. Toggle it on/off in settings.” The giant has also released a short video regarding this feature which is also available within the tweet. You can find out the official tweet which is embedded here.

According to YouTube, Dark Theme was one of the “top requested features on mobile.” And as requested by all the users, the giant took it seriously and finally brought this feature to the mobile platform. Well, the new Dark Theme feature is just available for iOS platform only. For Android platform, they will soon release an update which would allow you to change the white background of the app to a complete dark theme.

YouTube has constantly been changing their YouTube app to add more functions for mobile users. In fact the number of users of YouTube is more than the number of desktop users. For the very same reason, the giant has pushed pretty much all the features of the Desktop version to mobile version. You can now slow down the video, fast forwards it and can do pretty much everything that you were doing on a desktop version.

You might be thinking about accessing this new feature. Well, in order to access this new Dark Them feature, you don’t have to do anything special. Just head over to your profile’s icon within the YouTube app on an iOS platform. Once your profile opens up, select the Settings option from there. You could see Dark Theme option with a toggle button. You just need to enable the Toggle to activate the Dark Theme on YouTube. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it!

Go to : Profile Icon >> Settings >> Dark Theme Toggle >> On

Well, the new Dark Theme feature is rolling out today itself for iOS platform. However, it might take a couple of days to reach out to your iOS device and for that reason, you have to be patient enough to welcome the new functionality to your iOS platform.