YouTube has 1.8 billion logged-in viewers per month

By | May 4, 2018

YouTube is undoubtedly the most loved video platform where users can watch pretty much everything. Since the number of smartphone users are growing, YouTube has also gained its users. According to new report, YouTube has 1.8 Billion logged-in viewers who watch and explore videos every month. 

According to, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, It’s incredibly important to me and to everyone at YouTube that we grow responsibly. Further, she has explained the way how users are exploring this platform. In the coming days, YouTube will come up with every better environment for both, uploaders and advertisers.

The number doesn’t include the users who watch and explore YouTube without logging into their Youtube’s account. The number includes the users who explore YouTube while logged into their YouTube account with a proper Gmail account.

For creative freedom, YouTube has been changing the way to provide proper bridge to the advertisers and uploaders on their Channel. Since YouTube allows anyone to start their own YouTube Channel by signing up with a proper Gmail account, more people have come up with their ideas and put their videos on their respective YouTube channel. This is how they can start their own YouTube Channel. Soon, they will start receiving more number of subscribers and this way they will start advertising through their channels.

Being an open platform, YouTube is globally accepted and has become the most loved video sharing platform. Every smartphone user love to explore a variety of videos through YouTube as they can search for anything on this platform and can get the desired items to watch out.

Recently, YouTube has released YouTube Kids for the Children and for the human curated videos. This allows the Kids to watch a certain number of videos through this platform. For this platform, the giant to hire over 10,000 moderators in the coming days. The moderators will see how the platform is being used by the current subscribers and viewers and this way they will improve the overall functionality of this platform.

“There is not a playbook for how open platforms operate at our scale,” said Wojcicki. “But the way I think about it is that it’s critical that we’re on the right side of history.”

If we go back and talk about the past updates, YouTube has made its YouTube Dark theme available for the smartphone users recently. Millions of Smartphone users are actively using YouTube where they can explore a variety of videos. The giant has also expanded their YouTube Offline videos feature to 125 more countries. The feature is now widely available which attracts more number of users to the platform.

In the coming days, we would get to see more features and updates on YouTube as promised by the CEO.