You can set Amazon Alexa as your default Assistant on Android

By | May 8, 2018

When it comes to Virtual Assistant on the smart devices, Google’s Voice Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa assistant comes first. Both the giants are giving tough competition to each other in the market. Google’s Assistant is quite popular as Android smartphones offer Google Assistant as default Voice assistant. But now, you can set Amazon Alexa as your default Assistant on Android phone. 

According to new reports, you can now make use of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant on your Android device. The Amazon Alexa can now be installed on your Android smartphone and you will be allowed to set it as your phone’s default voice assistant.

Amazon’s Alexa Assistant has gained an ability to work on Android smartphones. Until now, the Alexa was available on the applications and smart home appliances as well as Amazon Alexa smart speakers.

Android powered Samsung Galaxy S9 phones were able to do so, however by now, wide range of Android devices would be able to set the Amazon Alexa as their phone’s default voice assistant.

In order to set Alexa as your phone’s default assistant, all you need to do is just head over to the Settings app from your Android device and scroll down to Apps section. Select Default apps from here and then select Assist & Voice Input section. From here, you need to change the default voice assistant from Google to Alexa.

Go to : Apps>> Settings>> Apps>> Default apps>> Assist & Voice Input

Interestingly, Alexa is not the only option available for you to set as default Voice Assistant on your device. But you can also use Microsoft’s Cortana, Firefox Search and Sound Hound as the default one.

Since, Google’s Assistant is baked by the CPU’s firmware, you have to long press on the home button in order to launch the Amazon Alexa and you can now change its behaviour. So whenever you need to launch the Alexa assistant, you don’t need to open the app from the Apps menu, but just long press the home button of your phone and you should see the Alexa voice assistant on the home screen.

As mentioned earlier, you will not be able to change the wake up command on the assistant as it is set within the CPU’s Firmware of the Android device. So whenever you need to launch the Google Assistant, you can simply say the wake up command and Google Assistant will be right there to assist you.