Yahoo launches new Group Chat app Squirrel on Play Store

By | May 9, 2018

Yahoo is still alive and kicking as the giant has launched a new Group Chat app called Squirrel on Play Store for Android users and on App Store for iOS users. Yes, Verizon acquired giant, Yahoo has launched a new messaging app Squirrel on the Play Store and the app is now live. Currently, the app is listed with invite only which means you can start using this app and can test it out with an invitation from other users of it. 

Just like every other app, the new Squirrel app is a combination of personal chat and group chat. However, it is mainly focuses on Group Chat and will provide the best of chatting experience with a group of people.

If we talk about other Messaging apps, there are over 5 Billion active users of different messaging apps available. Applications such as Facebook’s WhatsApp, Messenger and many other Chat apps available with a huge number of users worldwide. There are plenty of chat apps available with different User Interface focuses on a certain number of users. This new Squirrel app is kind of a different as it focuses on group chat more than the individual personal chat.

Yahoo has quietly launched their new chat app, Squirrel on iOS and Android platform without any announcement which is quite surprising. The app focuses on friend, family and group chat with which you can share texts, photos, links and more.

Squirrel app is quite different from other apps as it requires you to invite the person or group to start communication. You can only invite the person to chat with you by inviting him with a link.

Squirrel app lets you create your own group or we can say Chat rooms for public and private use. You can also mention a particular person from the group so he can directly get attention of your message within the Chat room or group.

Since the app serves new interface it is interesting to know how people would acquire this app. Whether they accept it or not! Many other Chat app provides a lot of extra ordinary communication features with which you can even make voice calls, video calls and much more. In such a competitive world, we have to see how this new app make its entry to new users’ phones.

With this new Chat app, Yahoo is trying to collect the data from the users and want to check out the behaviour of the people on how they make use of the platform in order to communicate with others, what do they share, how they make communication with unknown people and more.

For now, Squirrel app is listed with invite-only, which means you have to wait for a link from the user who already have got this app. After then, you will be able to explore this app. For now, we all have to wait for the invite from somebody to test it out on a respective device. The giant will soon make this app for public!