Xiaomi collaborates with Google for the new Mi A1 Smartphone


After the year’s growth has been resumed, there have been repetitive setbacks for Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker against the local competitors. Xiaomi has finally set the sights on the larger market in order to gain the momentum from all these setbacks. The last three years have been successful for Xiaomi as it has entered around 40 countries across the world, selling the smartphones at a relatively cheaper price, an average price like that of China’s other companies like Vivo, Huawei and Oppo and also the international brands like the Samsung and the Apple.


That being said, the company has decided to expand their business at a dramatic speed, this year with the Xiaomi breaking its horizon into more than dozen countries like the Indonesia, the Greece, the Poland and the Paraguay. For the first time, Wang Xiang, the Vice President of Xiaomi has announced this in an interview with the famous Forbes.

Additionally, the Xiaomi has been partnering with few distributors and online sellers in the market. Finally, it also has linked its arms with Alphabet, one of Google’s parent company for its upcoming new phone, Mi A1. The company has announced the new phone on Tuesday with a price tag of $20 and stated that it will run on the Google’s Android OS instead of the MIUI interface.