Xafecopy Trojan Will Steal Money From Your Mobile, protect your phone now!

By | September 12, 2017

Xafecopy Torjan is a new malware reported by cyber security firm, Kaspersky. As per the report, a new Malware is hitting the technology world which is stealing money from your smartphone. Xafecopy Trojan malware is spreading slowly over the world starting from India. As per the report, over 40% of malware target was found in India. Since, India is becoming more advance with technology, people are more into digital payment services. For that reason, hackers are moving on to this country.

As per the official report by Kaspersky, “Kaspersky Lab experts have uncovered a mobile malware targeting the WAP billing payment method, stealing money through victims’ mobile accounts without their knowledge.”

This new malware runs secretly on your device and steal data from your device. The trojan puts and runs its secret codes to your phone without your knowledge and this way it fetches the information from your device. This trojan runs normally on the device and hence no one will understand what’s actually going on inside your mobile phone. You will not be able to see any such codes with bare eyes.

This code runs and activate through various applications which most of the Android and iOS users are using. Applications like BatteryMaster, ES File Explorer and all the other apps which contains advertises runs these malicious codes. Once the app is activated, the codes will itself starts working on your mobile phone.

This malware clicks different webpages on your mobile phone through Wireless Application Protocol billing. After filling up the form, the code silently subscribes you to various services. This process works super smoothly without any registration or sign up process. You don’t have to put the credit card or debit card details into the forms still it will subscribe for various services without your permission and knowledge.

As we all know, most of the services have captcha codes for the final confirmation of your action. But this malware replaces the captcha code with normal texts and this way it can easily get confirmation and bypass the entire procedure itself. Captcha codes are there to fill the forms and confirmation manually so no robots or autobots can harm your information. But this malware is something to hit the right bone of all the users.

Furthermore, the report says, “Xafecopy hit more than 4,800 users in 47 countries within the space of a month, with 37.5 per cent of the attacks detected and blocked by Kaspersky Lab products targeting India, followed by Russia, Turkey and Mexico.”

Kaspersky Lab Senior Malware Analyst Roman Unuchek said, “Our research suggests WAP billing attacks are on the rise. Xafecopy’s attacks targeted countries where this payment method is popular. The malware has also been detected with different modifications, such as the ability to text messages from a mobile device to premium-rate phone numbers, and to delete incoming text messages to hide alerts from mobile network operators about stolen money.”

In order to prevent yourself from such unwanted and harmful malware attacks to stop them stealing your money, make sure you have a proper security set in your Android device. Stop downloading and installing unwanted third party applications as hackers and attackers are trying to spread this virus or we can say malware with the help of such third party applications which are not permitted by Google. If you are using an Android smartphone, it is better for you to protect your smartphone with Google Play Protect which is a free security service available on all the Android smartphone. The security app has over 1 Billion active users as per the reports.

As a security advice, “It is best not to trust third-party apps, and whatever apps users do download should be scanned locally with the Verify Apps utility. But beyond that, Android users should be running a mobile security suite on their devices.”