World’s First Braille Phone goes on sale in UK


Earlier this year we heard about this braille enable phone by India based Kriyate and the visually the smartphone is impaired with intuitive hap tic feed back technology. The word’s first Braille phone has been launched in UK actually the Ownfone UK based company is planning to launch a new phone the highlight feature of this phone is that users themselves they can design their own mobile devices.


Ownfone has launched the Braille phone which claims worlds first phone at low price level which is almost equal to 60 pounds . Ownfone is the first company to launch this Braille phone at low price. The company managed to keep low cost production because the company used 3D printing for the front and back panels according to the BBC.

Previously company ownfone users could only include the word button which is featuring the contact names and image buttons which is featuring the contact images as part of their keyboard. The braille option is new to both ownfone and mobile phones in general.

As per reports by BBC other companies are also designed Braille phones but the Ownfone braille phone is comes to sale first. OwnFone, which looks unlike any other phone on the market, can be personalised with two or four braille buttons, pre-programmed to call certain contacts.

In 2012, OwnFone launched the world’s first partially 3D printed phones and later followed it up with a small form factor phone designed for children with programmable buttons for emergency contacts. The Braille phone is based in part on these models, even though the former are cheaper at 40 and 50 pounds.