Windows 10 is getting its own simplified Bluetooth connection


Microsoft is testing out a new Bluetooth feature for pairing the devices more easily than ever. The giant is testing out this feature in a beta version and the testers can opt out this feature to test it out on their current Windows 10 system. The new Bluetooth simplified version will be shipped to the users with next major update of Windows 10. 

The latest Windows 10 Build 17093 is released earlier this week for testers who can try out the new Bluetooth feature and some system improvements on the current Windows 10 Operating System.

With this new updated Bluetooth feature, user’s will be able to see a message or we can say a notification at the bottom left side of the Windows’ screen. The same feature can be seen on an Android and iOS devices as well.

Whenever you try to connect your smartphone or any other Bluetooth based device to Windows 10 running PC, you could see a notification regarding the same. If you want to connect the device, just click on to the Connect button and your Bluetooth connection between the devices will be established itself.

So yes, this would definitely a great feature which would help the users to directly engage with this feature. Until now, users have to go to the Settings menu and find out the connection to pair with other third party devices. With this new feature, you would be able to connect the devices easily to the system.

The giant is currently looking for more partners to enable and spread out this new feature to connect more devices to the systems. Wireless mouse, Keyboard and many other devices are there which millions of users of Windows 10 system are using. This new feature will help them to connect such useful devices in no time.

Microsoft is currently expanding this feature with Logitech. So, yes, the new Logitech devices such as Keyboard and Mouse will have this feature enabled so that users can easily make things working for them quickly.

According to Microsoft’s core member, “only certain enabled peripherals can trigger this experience” right now. “We are however looking to standardize this in the long term.” And yes, Microsoft’s this new support for Bluetooth will be released with the next Widows 10 update in the coming days.

Some sources claim that the giant will release this new Windows 10 update some time in the coming March or April month. Since the giant has not spoken a word regarding the launch of this new OS update, we are unsure about the same. All we can do is just wait for Microsoft’s official statement regarding the same update.