WhatsApp update brings albums with its beta version

By | June 21, 2017

WhatsApp has always something new for a Billion of its monthly active users. WhatsApp has introduced a number of features starting from voice calling, new profile, new status with profile, video calling and many more in the past. Now, a new update of the WhatsApp Messenger brings albums feature of the photos. This feature is recently rolled out with WhatsApp Messenger’s beta version. The final version will take some time to hit the global market. 

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WhatsApp has released the new updated version for iOS platform with this Albums feature in last month. And now they are testing the same feature for Android users and for that reason, they have released the beta version of the messenger.

In order to make use of this feature, first you have to update your existing WhatsApp Messenger app to the beta version number 2.17.234. You will get a direct download link of this app at the end of this article.

This feature is pretty simple and it works beautifully on your phones. The photos which you send or receive together, this feature will create a group of them with album, just like the gallery of your phone. You can even notice the same Album which Facebook creates for you while you upload a number of photos in an album.

With this new Album feature, you will not have to scroll down and up again and again to view your photos. This feature will automatically create an album of your photos so your chat history will look clear. If you send four or more images, this Album feature will create an album of those photos so you can easily click on one single photos and just swipe left and right to view them on the phone. WhatsApp will soon reveal the final version of the Messenger soon, till then you can download the beta version and can test it out for yourself from the following link now.

Download WhatsApp Messenger Beta 2.17.234