WhatsApp soon to create backups via Google Drive


The most famous chat app WhatsApp is working on to backup and restore data and conversations from the phone by integrating with Google Drive. The latest report says the app is in its final stage of the work and is nearing release.


As we all know, Whatsapp automatically backups chats routinely on a scheduled time every day. This backed up data is stored in the internal memory/ Micro SD of the phone and can be restored when the app is reinstalled. The app automatically notifies of an existing backup on the device at the first run. But it does have some issues. If the memory card gets corrupted, the data would be permanently gone. Transferring it to PC means having to search for its among the loads of folders. Then there is also high chances of not recognizing the backup which is quite common.

Whatsapp Google Drive

But with the data integrated with Google Drive, there is no chance of such issues surfacing as the whole process is automated and restoring the chat history is possible anytime.

The website has shared number of screenshots which shows the possible features that could be added on to WhatsApp in the coming weeks. The features include options to backup chat history to Google Drive , restore the saved history over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. The translation strings also indicate that the app would display the ‘last Google Drive backup’ timestamp and the videos received over WhatsApp chats would not be saved in Google Drive. WhatsApp team using Google Drive means phones will get synchronized to Gmail accounts on user using the same for Gmail, Hangouts and Contacts among others.

This feature soon is widely expected and its release would be a huge hit among people who have to constantly change their phones but stick with their same account and also saving the content. Also this integration with Google Drive sorts out all the most apparent drawbacks of the Whatsapp.

Whatsapp with Google Drive integration for backups could be a pretty simple solution for Android devices, but it may be other way around for iOS devices. It is expected, the developer will add iCloud support for iPhone, but again it is just a speculation.