WhatsApp has increased the time-limit for deleting messages over an 1 hour


WhatsApp is known as world’s best instant messaging apps which is widely available for all smartphones platforms as well as it is available with the web version for PC users. Back in October month, the giant has updated the app with an ability to delete the sent messages. However, the time limit was just around 7 minutes after sending the message. Today, the giant has updated the time Window and increased it with 1 hour, 8 Minute and 16 seconds. 

After Skype, WhatsApp is the only app which lets users delete the messages which were sent to the wrong person. If you have accidentally sent messages to the person whom you would not have sent, you can simply long press the messages and select Delete for everyone option. The messages will be deleted to all the people whom you have sent. The recipient won’t see the message, instead they will see message deleted texts at that place.

Previously, the time window to delete the accidental message was just 7 minutes. And it seems like the giant has silently expand the time window to over an hour. As per the new reports, the company has already increased the time window to the WhatsApp application for deleting the messages. So yes, you can now delete the messages by waiting for more time.

The new timing is now 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. This looks quite weird, but yes we all can now make use of this time window to delete the wrongly sent messages to the contacts.

According to WABetaInfo, they have updated the current WhatsApp application with the increased time window to delete the messages. They took to twitter to announce this new feature. According to their tweet, “A new WhatsApp for iOS update (2.18.31) is available on AppStore. It is a bug fixes update, but it has the new “Delete for everyone” limit, that’s 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.” You can find out the embedded live tweet from here.

Well, there is no any further statement or explanation given by the giant regarding increasing the time window for deleting the messages. To learn more about this feature, we have already contacted the company and awaiting for their response on the same. WhatsApp will soon come up with an explanation regarding this new update very soon.

So with this new update, you can take more time to change up your mind on whether you should delete that message or not. It is indeed a very good and useful features which is made available to the platform and people are very well using it on their daily routine.