WhatsApp has finally decided to invest the app for Business Purposes

By | September 7, 2017

WhatsApp which has earlier claimed that it doesn’t want to make money with the app has recently announced its interest in making the app paid for business purposes. In a blog post, on Tuesday, the company announced that the app would be allowing large organizations including airlines, e-commerce sites and banks to contact customers with notifications. Though these services would be free for the small organizations, the large organizations will have to pay a fee.


According to the blog post, most of its customers are using WhatsApp rather than email to complete their transactions and get feedbacks and product suggestions. The small businesses are already using this app on a high toll, to complete most of their business-related discussions and improving business-customer relationships. Though the pricing system has not been quoted yet, the reports have given information that the app would be using the new services as a part of the close pilot program ahead of a wider launch.

Facebook which has acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for an amount of approximately $22 billion, has been attempting to find ways to generate revenue through this popular messaging app. This new attempt might be successful in the long term but it might pose a threat to the sensitive information as it does not have proper corporate security and compliance features.