WhatsApp is banning some iPhone users in various countries

By | August 23, 2018

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular Instant Messaging app which is available for all types of Smartphone platforms. Being the most popular IM app, developers have designed many clone apps of the existing WhatsApp app. Many people are using the modified version of the WhatsApp app just to use some features. From today, WhatsApp has started banning some iPhone users. People who are using the modified version of the WhatsApp app will be banned completely. 

The ban is made via your existing cell phone number. If you have been using a modified version of the WhatsApp app to your phone, make sure to go to the official AppStore or iTunes store and install the official version of the WhatsApp first. Remove the modified version of the WhatsApp app from your device.

Until now, WhatsApp has banned hundreds of Android users who were using the Modified versions of WhatsApp on their Android devices. There are many WhatsApp clone apps available in the market such as WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Pro etc. If you have been using any of such app, then you uninstall it right now from the device from getting banned by WhatsApp.

Once your WhatsApp number is banned, reversing the ban is much harder. Your phone number might get permanently banned and you may not be able to use this phone number back. You have to mail to the WhatsApp’s support team with the cell phone number and your email ID associated with it.

Using an unofficial version of the WhatsApp application puts your security at risk. WhatsApp’s updated version comes with end-to-end encryption which lets you send and receive messages with high security. Make sure you use the original WhatsApp to your device, otherwise, WhatsApp will ban you immediately.

WhatsApp is concerned that some of the modified versions contain malware which is very harmful to your cell phone number and the data stored in your phone number.

Author: Andy

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