WhatsApp adds colorful text status updates like Facebook

By | August 22, 2017

WhatsApp, Today, has started rolling out a global update to their apps for different platforms with new colorful text status updates just like Facebook. According to this new feature, users will be able to add texts on a colorful backgrounds. There will be a number of different types of backgrounds available to choose if you go with this option to update your Status. 

According to the reports, this new Feature will allows users even to add link and choose their fonts for statuses. If we talk about the previous Status feature, you can only add photos and videos as status. With this new update, you will be able to add colorful texts status with a colorful backgrounds.

In December 2016, Facebook had started this interesting feature to their Android and iOS apps which is coming to the popular Instant Messaging app, WhatsApp. WhatsApp has recently announced its over 1 billion daily users with millions of chats and videos and photos are being shared every single day. These all make this app world’s most popular Instant Messaging app which people are using for a daily communication.

This new feature is simple to use and anyone can easily start using it on their WhatsApp Messenger app on their respective smartphones. The update has already been rolled out and you can start updating your WhatsApp application by now. Just go to the official Google Play Store’s page of the WhatsApp Messenger and you will be able to update your WhatsApp application from there. If you are not received any such update, wait for a couple of more days and you will see a new version of WhatsApp Messenger is waiting for you there for update.

With this, you just need to write a snipped of texts, pick a background that you like the most and change the styling of the fonts by customizing it with plenty of options available. As we have mentioned earlier, within the beautiful texts, you will be able to add a particular link for the website.

Of course, the original Texts only status will be there as it is to set your status like Busy, Available and more. However, this new feature will make you able to add some more interesting statuses that you might want to use through your WhatsApp application. The same thing you might have noticed while using the Snapchats stories but with more modifications in this WhatsApp Messenger.

In addition to this announcement, the giant has also said that this new feature will also work for WhatsApp for web. So, you can make use of this newly introduced feature right from your WhatsApp web on a PC which is a good thing for the people who are using this app more on their PCs instead of their Smartphones.

This is not a very good feature for some other people who are looking for a simple and decent User Interface on their regular Messaging app. Many people still uses the older version of WhatsApp as they don’t like such messy things in their current Messaging app. Well, at the end, it is all depends upon your mood and your interest of keeping yourself ahead from others.

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