What is Internet of Things (IoT), Top Companies and Top Applications


Today we are here to discuss what is Internet of Things (IoT), Top Companies and Top Applications making IoT a reality and much more about it. Go through this post to get the complete idea of IoT and its advantage.

The Internet of Things (Iot) is a computing idea that depicts a future where everyday physical items will be joined with the Internet and have the capacity to distinguish themselves to different devices. The term is nearly related to RFID as the method of communication, in spite of the fact that it additionally may include other sensor technology, remote technologies or QR codes.


The IoT is huge because of the fact that an object that can speak for itself digitally gets an option that is more prominent than the object by itself. No more does the item relate simply to you, yet is currently associated with surrounding objects and database information. At the point when numerous items act as one, they are known as having “ambient intelligence.”

The Internet of Things is not an easy concept to explain precisely. In fact, there are numerous different groups that have explained the term, despite the fact that its initial use has been attributed to Kevin Ashton, a master of digital innovation Every definition imparts the idea that the first form of the Internet was about information made by people, while the following version is about information made by things. In 1999, Ashton said all that needed to be said in this quote from an object in the RFID Journal:

If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things – using data they collected without any help from us – we would be able to find and count everything, and mainly reduce loss, cost and waste. We would know when things needed repairing, replacing or recalling, and whether they were fresh or past their best“. – Kevin Ashton

Most of the people think about being connected to tablets, cell phones and Computers. IoT portrays a world where pretty much anything could be connected and communicated in a wise manner. Explaining in different words, with the Internet of Things, the physical world is turning into one major data framework.

Top Companies making the Internet of Things a reality

1. Cisco

Conference host Cisco sets the stage for the occasion with keynotes from numerous senior executives, including CEO John Chambers and head of Globalization Wim Elfrink. Cisco had on a full line of a network system, including various ruggedized, inserted and outside system gadgets that can help connect the unconnected. Throughout his keynote, Chambers, situated Cisco as being “all in” concerning IoT and will be putting billions of dollars into this territory, including the financing of new companies through the following five years.

2. SAP

SAP is best known as the organization that offers high-quality enterprise software that assists enterprise clients make decisions based on analysis of its data. Well, the same application, such as the Big Data Analytics Platform Hana, can be used to inspect data collected in the “smart vending machine” or “smart water pump” the company was exhibiting off at the show.

3. City of Barcelona

Best known for its soccer team or the city that hosts Mobile World Congress (MWC) every year, this city has taken a leadership position showing how cities can assist from IoT. The walking that was part of the meeting took us past smart parking meters, the people living there can find open parking spaces via a Smartphone application.

4. AGT International

Cities that want to use the features of IoT, the AGT International offers an innovative product called its “Urban Shield Platform” that power its Safe City solution. Urban Shield is an open platform that gathers data from sensors, such as license plate readers and social network sites, video and face recognition.

5. Bosch

Bosch has a great software section that makes the software especially for IoT applications. Bosch has targeted action in the areas of energy management, manufacturing and mobility, where the fundamental Bosch software is used as a platform for a wide range of IoT-related projects.

Top “Internet of Things” Applications


As we have seen top IT companies are working on IoT to make this world connected to the internet to reduce waste, loss and cost. Here below I have categorized the applications based on their use. I hope after getting into it, you will at least get the brief idea what exactly the IoT and how it can help the people all over the world.

Smart Cities

This is one of the main advancement of IoT to offer all new technology features and services. Look at the applications below that are helping to make a smart city.

  • Smart parking: Monitoring of parking space availability in the city.
  • Noise urban maps: Sound monitoring in bar areas and centric zones in real time.
  • Traffic congestion: Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian levels to optimize driving and walking routes.
  • Smart lightning: Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights.
  • Structural health: Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments.
  • Waste management: Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes.

Smart Environment

  • Forest fire detection: Monitoring of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones.
  • Earthquake early detection: Distributed control in specific places of tremors.
  • Landslide and avalanche prevention: Monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect dangerous patterns in land conditions.
  • Air pollution: Control of CO2 emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars and toxic gases generated in farms.


  • Smart product management: Control of rotation of products in shelves and warehouses to automate restocking processes.
  • Supply chain control: Monitoring of storage conditions along the supply chain and product tracking for traceability purposes.
  • Intelligent shopping applications: Getting advices in the point of sale, according to customer habits, preferences, presence of allergic components for them or expiring dates.
  • NFC payment: Payment processing based in location or activity duration for gyms, public transport, theme parks, etc.

Smart Water

  • River Floods: Monitoring of water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs.
  • Water Quality: Study of water suitability in rivers and the sea for fauna and eligibility for drinkable use.
  • Water Leakage: Detection of liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes.