WatchOS 4 comes to Apple Watch on September 19


Apple has announced its new watchOS4 during the recent event where the giant has also announced a new Apple Watch Series 3 along with three new iPhones and a new Apple TV 4K. The new premium device, iPhone X is studded with a bunch of innovative features including the new Face ID, a facial recognition feature. If you are using Apple Watch, get ready to update it with the new WatchOS 4 Operating System. 

New OS update brings a variety of features and enhancements to the device and this new watchOS4 does offer the same set of new features which you can use on your own Apple Watch.

Most of the Apple Watch users buy this smart watch to keep track of their fitness goals. If you are using the Apple Watch for the same Fitness purpose, then with this new watchOS 4, you will get a whole new heart rate monitor.

The new Heart Rate Monitor in this new watchOS4 will give you more accurate data of your heart’s functionality. The heart rate app will show you more details including the history of your previous heart’s data. So you can keep a close eye on to the heart functionality. The new watchOS 4 will warn you if there is something wrong with your heart’s functionality.

If you are inactive and your hear changes its functionality, this new OS will warn you with a notification making you ready to start working. Apart from this, if you are exercising regularly, this new OS will instantly switch between your training schedules and you can directly jump on to the training that you want. This new Apple watchOS4 can easy sync between other components such as treadmills, bikes and other equipment. You will regularly get monthly challenges and other motivational messages with notifications on the watch once you update it with the new watchOS4 OS.

The new watchOS4 will also include new faces for your daily routine. It has psychedelic Kaleidoscope and a slew of Toy Story characters to keep them as the front face of your Apple Watch. Apart from this, there will be a builtin Siri integration also available on the device and it will get you regular notifications of reminders, news and meetings.

The new watchOS4 brings a lot of improvements to the functionality of the Apple Watch. You will be able to browse your Applications with list views instead of grid views. The multitasking menu is now available as vertical. The improved Music app has not ability to syncs your music on all the Apple devices. So you don’t have to worry about the music of your choice, you can easily sync all your devices through this advance music app.

Even if you have not your phone around, you don’t have to worry about the music that stored on your iPhone. You can easily start listening to the music that you love right through this Apple Watch so you can listen to all the music instantly without your iPhone. The new OS also allows you to pay through Apple Pay application which is available as a payment service for Apple users.

Apple has already announced this new Apple watchOS4 in the market which is all set to release in the market from the coming September 19th.