How to watch the Google I/O 2018 online?

By | April 6, 2018

In the January Month this year, Google has revealed the dates of their Annual Developers Conference i.e. Google I/O 2018 which is held from May 8 to May 10. The event dates are coming closer and all the fanboys of Google are looking for ways to witness the entire event. Well, you don’t have go to the United States to witness the event live, instead the giant is live streaming it and you would be able to watch it online. 

Every year, Google’s this annual developers conference or we can say the Keynote telecasts online. Yes, the entire Keynote live-steams and the world’s developers and Google fanboys can witness the event and all the new products which would be announced during the event.

Apart from this, if you are unable to be on time during the event, you can also watch out the event on their official YouTube channel at anytime you want. Yes, the giant is also keeping a copy of their event on their official YouTube channel with which you can watch the previous and current I/O conferences.

When is Google I/O 2018?

As mentioned above, this year’s Google’s Developer Conference will be held between May 8 to May 10. This multi-day event will take place from May 8 and will end on May 10. The event is held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

In order to announce the event’s dates, you will have to solve out the puzzle as Google has introduced a new way to let people see the event’s dates. The Puzzle lets you roam around the Google Building 1300 in Mountain View. However, to solve out the Puzzle, you have to give proper answers and this will open the closed door and you would be able to see the event dates and other useful information from there.

Many of the Google fanboys have solved this Puzzle and they have even took on to various social networks after revealing the dates. You can find it out from here.

How to watch Google I/O 2018? 

Since you know that Google live-streams the entire I/O conference, you would be able to witness the event online from anywhere around the world at the given time. You can head over to the official Google I/O Webpage for additional details such as event dates, schedules, announcements and more. From the very same page, you will also be able to watch out the event.

We would update this page with more information and details and we would embed the video here as well from which you can live-stream the session of the conference.