Warriors Orochi 3 : A Time Travling Game for Xbox Player’s.


The Warriors Ororchi 3 is latest game which arrives in the Xbocx Platform. The game has published by the publisher Koei Tecmo’s long-running series of Warriors games. The Orochi sub-series in particular merges characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, with this Ultimate release throwing in guest characters from Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, and other games for good measure.


In this Xbox game you will find that the  2-player has split-screen and online multi-player,  and also offered hundreds of characters, dozens of original and user-tweaked levels, and in this game you have a hack-and-slash game with incredible scope and nearly endless playtime. The story of the game has started with a bang, in which a  gigantic seven-headed hydra starts attacking the various castles and human settlements spread across both nations. You can play this game on the campaign mode. In this mode, there 175 levels are available. And here you can play each level on four different difficulties. You will actually want to move up through the top three difficulties in order to unlock rewards such as top-tier weapons for each warrior.

Whenever you complete the levels and rescue to the new Warriors, you’ll be able to travel to new levels based on those Warriors’ memories. Sometimes, new information or the results of a previous battle will unlock a “Redux” version of an existing level. In the Warriors Orochi’s , the main claim of you has to fame is throwing hundreds of characters on-screen at once. If you’re looking for large scale hack-and-slash action, this game won’t disappoint. You’ll lead teams of AI fighters against hundreds or thousands of enemies on each stage. Each battle has specific objectives, such as rescuing key warriors and/or eliminating target demons.

Modes and Achievements of the Warriors Orochi 3-

  • Gauntlet -This allowed the players to take a team of five warriors (instead of three) into special stages with unique enemies and rewards.
  • Musou Battlefields – In this you will edit stages and download other players’ stages. The browsing interface is slow and clumsy, but it’s still a cool feature.
  • Duels lets you battle against another player or the AI in closed arenas.

The Game is available for the Xbox platform at a cost of $59.9 USD