VLC 3.0 rolls out and it brings support for Chromecast, Samsung DeX, Android Auto and more

By | February 10, 2018

VLC gets a final stable update with a new version “Vetinari” as VLC 3.0. The new VLC update brings a variety of new features which you might have been waiting for a long time on the player. Being world’s most popular Media Player, VLC’s new v.3.0 now brings support for Chromecast, Samsung DeX, Android Auto and much more. The update is available to all the Android TV devices. 

If you’ve been a big fan of VLC player and looking for a change to support your other devices to this player, here are the list of new changes which the new VLC player has brought for its users around the world.

The very first feature you would like it support for Chromecast. Yes, the new version now supports Google’s Chromecast. You can use VLC player on your phone and connect it with the Chromecast to cast the items and videos right on a big Television screen.

Apart from this, the new update also brings voice actions to Android Auto. It is now available on all the Android TVs, Chromebooks and the all new Samsung DeX. It also brings Picture-in-Picture mode which is a great feature available on the new Android 8.0 Oreo operating system.

Additionally, the update also brings audio boost functionality for better output of the audio from the device. The same version was available through its Beta version which exists from it today as the company has officially announced the stable version of VLC Media Player.

This is the first ever update of the player with comes with syncs option between PC and mobile ports. With the Chromecast support, you would see Orange button with Play icon which will allow you to cast your videos on the Television screen.

With this new feature, you can now send video or audio to your Chromecast and the app will stream the item to your television screen.

You would also notice that the new VLC Media Player now supports additional devices such as Samsung’s DeX station and DeX Pad. You can put the content on one platform and it will be accessed on a different platform as the player will be synced the items automatically.

Apart from this, the other features will fix all the errors and other issues on the player. The new version works quite smoothly and performs really well on a respective Android device or a PC platform.

This is indeed a huge VLC update till date which has brought plenty of features to your platform. It would also allows you to decode the 4K and 8K videos. You can find out more about this updated VLC Media player from the official Play Store‘s link. For official updates and information regarding this version, you can explore more from the source link.