Vivo X21 hands-on images leaked ahead of its launch on March 19

By | March 12, 2018

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Vivo is now working on their new upcoming smartphone, the successor edition of Vivo X20 with Vivo X21. The company is going to make this device official in the Chinese market from March 19. Yes, the device will be announced officially in China on March 19. 

Vivo is known as one of the most popular smartphone makers in the world. In fact, the giant has hundreds of different types of smartphones for all types of people around the world. The company is known for their quality smartphones based on camera and music. It mainly focuses on mid-range market and the new devices from the company are aim at the same category.

Vivo has recently launched their most innovative smartphone, the Vivo X20 Plus UD with in-display Fingerprint Scanner. This is world’s first smartphone to come with in-display Fingerprint Scanner. The phone is receiving good reviews and now most of the giants are aiming towards the same, in-display Fingerprint Scanner on their upcoming smartphones.

Fortunately, today we got to see a couple of live images of the upcoming Vivo X21 smartphone. Yes, the smartphone got leaked with live images which shows off the Vivo X21 smartphone from the front and back, both the sides.

Vivo X21 smartphone has received plenty of leaks and rumors till date. In fact, the phone was also certified with 3C certification. The leaked images of the Vivo X21 smartphone reveals a lot about hardware side specifications about the device.

As per the leaked live images of the Vivo X21 smartphone, the device to come with a top notch on the display. The Vivo X21 to come with full screen display with a notch on the top side just like Apple’s iPhone X smartphone. Most of the new smartphones are now coming up with top notch on the display. So we would get to see the X21 with the same design from the front side.

The screen comes with no bezels and would come with an aspect ratio of 18:9 which makes it more taller and handy in design. The top notch on the device will feature the front facing camera along with the required sensors on the device. It will also house the earpiece right there.

The Vivo X21 smartphone would be featuring a dual cameras at the back panel. The cameras are aligned vertically and located at the upper left corner at the back side of the device. There is an LED flash light also available underneath the camera sensors at the back side of the device. Of course, it also features a Physical Fingerprint Scanner just like all the other smartphones as you can see it in the leaked live image.

There were rumors about the Fingerprint Scanner on the Vivo X21 smartphone. It was said to have the in-display Fingerprint Scanner like the Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone, however the images feature the Fingerprint Scanner at the back panel and it is a Physical Fingerprint Scanner and not the in-display Fingerprint Scanner.

If we talk about the 3C certification, the Vivo X21 smartphone to come with a bunch of different variants. As per the official listing, the Vivo X21 will come along with X21, X21UD, X21A, X21 UD A variants in different regions around the world. So yes, we might get to see the in-display fingerprint Scanner on the Vivo X21 UD A variant where UD stands for under display for the Fingerprint Scanner just like the Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone. Well, these are just the rumors and there is no any official confirmation regarding this feature available at this moment.

Vivo is going to announce this phone on the coming March 19. Apart from this, Huawei is also launching their new Huawei Nova 3e smartphone on March 20 i.e. a day after the launch of Vivo X21 smartphone. So the Chinese consumers will have a bunch of new smartphones in the coming days from their own home giants, Vivo and Huawei.