Vivo introduces AI powered Super HDR feature for future phones


Vivo always amaze the consumers by introducing new smartphones and the innovative features. The company has just introduced their new in-display Fingerprint Scanner technology with the new Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone. Today, Vivo has unveiled the new AI Powered Super HDR feature for the future smartphones by the company. 

With the help of Super HDR feature, the company is working hard to enhance the photography functions on their smartphones. So yes, the new Vivo smartphone would be studded well with this new Super HDR feature on their cameras.

If we talk about the existing HDR feature on the phones, they uses 2 to 3 images at the same time with different exposure in order to create the HDR image. But this new HDR Feature will work with the AI feature. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, this new HDR feature on the future Vivo phones will be packed with a bunch of innovative photography features.

This AI feature on the smartphone will work with upto 14 images by using different exposures to create an instant HDR image. With the user of higher number of images allow the smartphone to work well with the image processing and this is how they will work with this AI feature.

After this, the camera will start the scene detection feature from various parts of the image. Here it will decide where to add which effects to enhance the image.

This feature will enhance the photography experience on a smartphone. It will convert your unnatural images or odd images to a complete new one which looks more suitable.

To let you know more about this feature, the company has also shared a number of images with Shot on Super HDR caption on each of the images. The following samples show how this new Super HDR will be implemented on a natural photos and how it converts the simple photos to an amazing professionally developed one using this new feature.

Alex Feng, Senior Vice President at Vivo added that, “Vivo continues to push the boundaries and provide the ultimate camera experience for consumers. This goes beyond just adding powerful functions, but to developing innovations that our users can immediately enjoy. Today’s showcase of Super HDR is an example of our continued commitment to mobile photography, to enable our consumers to shoot professional quality photos at the touch of a button. Using intelligent AI, Super HDR can capture more detail under any conditions, without additional demands on the user.”

Sadly, we don’t know about the specific timing about this feature in the real technology world. All we know so far is the company has designed this new feature with AI technology for their future smartphones. This makes sense as nowadays most of the Smartphone companies are coming up with their premium smartphones and Vivo too will make this feature enable for the premium smartphones only.

Apart from this, Vivo is planning to launch their new Vivo X21 smartphone on the coming March 19 in China. The phone will be launched with a number of its variants just like the predecessor. We could expect from the company to push this new feature to one of the X21 variants. They will definitely push the in-display feature on the Vivo X21 UD smartphone. Moreover, we want to see this in-display Fingerprint Scanner on the upcoming X21 smartphone for now!