Vine features Snap to Beat to create music loops with ease


Initially the users must know the art of editing to create an effortless music loop on vine but not any more. The users can now relax as today Vine is going to launch a new feature called Snap to Beat.

Vine has announced its upcoming feature Snap to Beat that makes it easy for the Vine users to create music loops up to six seconds long with no visible beginning or end. Vine’s Snap to beat will be made available for both iOS and Android.

“When we launched Vine, one of our unique features was to post loop with sound, since then, only the most obsessed creators have managed to master the art of never-ending music loops — when you listen to a Vine and can’t tell the beginning from the end” says the company.

Snap to Beat – How it works?

As soon as you capture a video clip that you want to share you look for the music note icon on the Details screen. By tapping on the track, it takes you to a new Featured Tracks section where you can pick one from number of songs.


Vine also gives an option to turn off the Snap to Beat feature so that the users can have more control over the music editing. The length of the song they want in their Vine and which specific part of the song they want to be included can be modified as per their wish.


Then Vine automatically edits your track of choice in such a way that it matches the length of your video clip ad. With less edits,Vine’s Snap to Beat makes it easier for the users to create music loops.