Venmo is testing its own physical debit card


Square had unveiled their own free debit card about four months ago to the people who are using their cash app. And now, Venmo has also started testing out its own physical debit card. Initially, the company has launched this free debit card to the Venmo employees who are testing this card. The public launch for this Venmo Debit Card is yet to be announced by the company. 

In this beta program, Venmo has invited a few users including their employees. The giant has sent out physical debit card to such people and ask them to test the card. This physical debit card is attached to users’ Venmo accounts and this is how the card will itself debit money from the Venmo account.

The new Venmo Debit Card will work like the normal debit cards that you car currently using. With this debit card, you can purchase anything or can pay restaurant bills or can pay bills of stores. You can even make online transactions using this Venmo Debit card. So basically, this card is just like the other debit cards. The money which you spend through this card will be debited from your Venmo account as the card is attached to the Venmo account of yours.

Venmo has confirmed the testing of their new Physical card by saying, “We have started sending a limited number of beta invitations to test a physical Venmo card to some of our users. While we’re excited to hear what people think, beta features are not guaranteed to see general release”.

As per earlier reports, the company was in talks to provide Debit Card only for the employees but now it seems that they are planning to offer this debit card to all the users. This beta program is offering this card for normal users and employees as well for testing purpose.

You can find out the card’s design and its package in an unboxing pics shared by Nick Abouzeid on his twitter account. You can find out the live tweet below.

If you are somehow eligible to get this card, you should see a prompt on the front page while exploring Venmo’s app on your phone. Sign up process for this card is pretty simple. You just need to put the right information including your bank details and your Venmo details while attaching this card to your Venmo’s account.

As reported by TechCrunch, the design of this card pretty ugly. And to respond to this, Venmo has said that this is just a testing card and the original design of this card is yet to be decided for public usage. Instead, Square has quite an impressive design which looks far better than the original Venmo card.

Sadly, there is no any information regarding the launch of this Venmo Physical Card for public in the US. However, we can expect it to be available in the market very soon. As this concept is quite useful for both, Venmo and the users, it will be a beneficial move for both. Apart from this, Venmo will also add some credit to your app if you purchase through their new debit card. It will take a few more weeks to be available in the market. Until then, we have to wait for the official announcement from Venmo.