How to use Voice Control on iPhone


You want to learn how to use voice control on  the iPhone, then this article on the blog will help you. In this article you will get  all the basic steps to methods and implementation which can help you to use Voice Control on your Apple iPhone.

To activate the Voice control your iPhone you have to press and hold the Home button for two seconds until you hear a double-beep. Then speak clearly into the iPhone or headset microphone. The Voice control is first ever launched in the iPhone 3GS, which allows users to control the iPhone by speaking into its mic and to have the phone speak information to the user. The feature was subsequently added to the iPod touch.

When the Apple earphones come with remote and mic or other compatible earphones, which are plugged into the iPhone or  the iPod touch, the user can easily use the Voice Control to speak the name of the person, which they want to call and have the phone can understand the name and dial the correct person. On models which support the FaceTime, Voice Control they can also be used to initiate FaceTime calls on their iPhone.


Other features of Voice Control on iPhone-

  • Making Facetime Calls
  • Time Saving
  • Make call only by voice commands
  • You can Play the songs via the voice control

Some Commands which can help you to use Voice Control on iPhone

  • Dial a number – Say “Call” or “Dial” and then the number.
  • Music playback controls – Say “Play” or “Play music”. Other controls are “Pause” or “Pause music”, “Next song”, “Previous song”
  • To call someone in Contacts – Say “Call” or “Dial” and then the name of whoever you want to call. If the person has more than one number listed, you can add “Home” or “Mobile”. Full example: “Call Galvin Carter Mobile” or “Call Galvin Carter on his Mobile “
  • Get Voice Control help – Say help
  • Exit from Voice Control – Cancel