Use the Puffin Browser to Play Flash Games on Android


Being an open source platform, Android offers thousands of games to spend your time with. If you are a true gamer and love to play Flash Games on your Android phone, then we have got something interesting for you. Did you know, you can play Flash Games without consuming much of your phone’s data? Yes, you head that right. You can use the Puffin Browser to play Flash Games on your Android without wasting much of your smartphone’s data. 

Years ago, we were not able to play such games on the phones. But now, the world has completely changed and we can play all types of Flash Games on a smartphone wherever we go. However, such Flash Games consumes more battery and data at the same time if you play it on your smartphone.

Puffing Browser is one of the most popular web browser which packs with hundreds of useful features inside. There are many settings which you can change within the browser to save your phone’s data. So let’s get on to the installation process and install this web browser on a respective Android smartphone. We will also guide you through some steps with which you can make proper changes to save data of your phone while playing your popular flash games on a respective Android smartphone.

Use the Puffin Browser to Play Flash Games on Android

Step 1 :

First, you need to install the Puffin Web Browser on your Android smartphone. To do so, follow below given official Play Store’s link of the Puffin Browser.

Install Puffin Browser

Step 2 :

Once you open the official page, you’d see Install button on the display. Kindly select the Install button, it will take a few seconds and soon the Puffin Browser will be installed on your Android smartphone.

Step 3 :

Once the browser app is installed on your Android device, kindly tap on to its icon and launch it on your phone.

Step 4 :

You would see some initial setup and other things which explains the actual use of the Puffin Browser on your Android device.

Step 5 :

Puffin claims to provide super security with safety with data processing to consume less data while exploring the web. The browser compresses the webpages and offer smooth and faster internet connection.

Step 6 :

In order to enable the data, just select the Settings icon of the browser where you could see different options. Make sure to select the Data savings option and make it enabled.

Step 7 :

In order to change settings with Flash, just select the Advanced option and from here, you can slide down to adjust the quality of your flash.

Step 8 :

You’re done with the settings part of the Puffin Browser. By now, you will be able to play any type of Flash games on your Puffin Web Browser app. While playing this game, the browser compresses the flashes and with this, it will consumes less data.

So folks, this is how you can use Puffin Browser to play Flash Games on your Android smartphone. It’s an easy process which eventually help you out in many ways if you are using a limited internet connection.