How to use Siri’s Personal DJ feature on iOS 11?


Every time, when there is a new update available for the Apple products, Siri gets more smarter with each update. The latest update of macOS and iOS brings a handful of improvements with new features to work with Siri. Siri now all grown up and can understands your demands well. New update brings Personal DJ feature to the Siri app to let you play whatever you want. 

As you know, Siri, company’s personal voice assistant service is already offering a huge number of functionality with more features to make your life more smarter. If you are a complete movie buff and keep an Apple device with the Siri support, then this new Siri feature will make your music life more entertaining than ever.

If you like to play your music but your hands are not free, just ask Siri to play a specific song or track and it will start playing the song which you have asked to. You can personalise your own playlist and can do a variety of things just by asking to Siri. Siri is there to manage and compose everything that you are looking for without using your hands. Isn’t that amazing?

Before making use of this Siri’s Personal DJ feature, make sure that you have your own Apple Music account to listening to different types of music. Apple’s Siri is integrated with Apple Music app and will work on it only. The more you use Siri the better it gets to get you the right music every time you ask it to play. So, start playing your favourite music right now from the Siri’s own Personal DJ. Here’s how you can setup things for the first time on your Siri app.

If you have no Idea what to play, you can ask Siri like “Play something I’ll like” The Siri will get you a list of available stations from which you can ask again to choose a particular album of genre as per your choice.

Using this new feature is quite simple, since it is already integrated and setup well, you just need to launch the Siri app on your device. Be specific of what you actually want to play on the device. Ask Siri something like, “Play- Specific Song Name” Siri will start playing this song. The more specific you are the more accurate Siri will work.

This is not just done, the new Siri Personal DJ can help you to choose from the available albums. You can choose the entire album to play or just a specific song from that album. You can bring out the artists playlists, can choose the genres of music and much more just by asking to Siri.

You can even shuffle the music by saying your song name and then “shuffled” to Siri. The next song will be different and it will be shuffled up itself. If you don’t want to listen to the current song, just ask Siri to “Skip to Next song”, if you want to play the previous song back, ask it to “Skip to Previous Song”

What if you want to play or resume music again and again, just ask Siri with “Play Music” and “Resume Music” Siri will act according to your command and will work on it. You can even ask Siri to play iTunes Radio stations by saying, “Play iTunes Radio” Siri will itself start playing iTunes radio stations as you have commended.

Apart from this, if something is being played on the device and you don’t know what it is or what song that is, you can ask Siri for that particular song as well. Just ask Siri, “What’s Playing” The Siri will respond with the title of that song along with the artist of it.

On the other hand, you can even personalize your own music playlist and ask Siri to play that particular music playlist by asking it with a name of that playlist. It works just amazingly and gets better every time you make use of it. So, if you are really looking for something innovative in your music life, then Siri is all here with an amazing new feature to handle your music area. Go ahead and give your first try on the new Siri’s Personal DJ feature on an iOS 11.

Apple has officially announced the new iOS 11 which is releasing on the coming September 19th in the entire globe. People who are using its beta version can still make use of all the features of Siri as well. You can even download the iOS 11 Beta version for your iOS device before its public launch from here.