How to Use Siri to Recognize a Song in iOS 8



Siri, one of the main highlight of latest Apple’s iOS 8. Not everything but she is always ready to help you by your command. You can talk to her, can ask anything, no matter it is weird or not. You know, she is smart enough to recognize weather you are telling something or singing song. Siri recognizes a songs and allow you to get it on your phone.

With iOS 8, Siri uses Shazam to query what music is playing. With the strength of Shazam, and the recognition engine that is Siri, you’re bound to find out what that catchy tune playing is. How do you do it, though? We’ll show you how!

How to Use Siri to Recognize a Song in iOS 8

  1. Launch Siri, Long press home button to do so.
  2. Ask Siri “what song is playing”. She’s going to take a minute and bend an ear to your speaker, so give it a minute to complete.
  3. And wait till it recognizes the song you are playing.
  4. If she knows – and she probably does — she’ll tell you all about it.

If you look closely at that last screenshot above, you’ll see a “Buy” button. If you click that, you’ll be redirected to iTunes to buy the track. Keep in mind that it brings you right to the single, not the album.