How to use photo stream as screen saver on your Apple TV


If you own both device Apple TV and iPhone, you can able to enable photo stream as a screen saver on your Apple TV. They are likely to be more personal and meaningful to you than natural photography. If you are not aware of photo stream don’t worry let me explain clearly about photo stream. If suppose you have taken a screen shot or photo from your iPhone or ipad, where photo stream will store the back of this files in the Apple server.

Even there is a possibility to copy these back up photos in your another iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. In this photo stream you can store 1000 photo at a time or 30 days pictures at a time. This article gives you the information about how to use photo stream as screen saver on your Apple TV. If you want to know How to enable and access the photo stream on your iPhone Click on the link that is provided.

How to enable photo screen on your Apple TV

  • Initially click on the settings icon on your Apple TV.
  • In that settings icon click on the iCloud and sign in if you have sign in already.


  • If you are already sign in, we need to click on the iCloud photo settings.
  • Once you are done clicking on the iCloud photo settings enable/ Turn On my Photo Stream.


  • Click on yes option when your Apple TV asks, if you want to save photo stream as a screen saver.
  • That’s it you are done with photo screen as screen saver on your Apple TV.


Now you can see photo stream on your Apple TV through iCloud, Based on internet speed and size of the image, it might take few minutes to load the picture. Actually this will gives you an ever changing background. One more important thing I want to share with you,If you set up Photo Stream as tour screen saver on Apple TV, make sure you don’t include any pictures you or those seeing them might find inappropriate or embarrassing.