How to use new Focus Portrait Mode on Instagram

By | April 11, 2018

Facebook owned Instagram has officially rolled out the much awaited new capture mode on their application. Yes, the new Focus Portrait Mode from Instagram is now officially and the users of this application can now make use of this advanced Portrait Mode through their Instagram Application. 

If you don’t have an advanced and premium smartphone which comes with a bokeh-style Portrait mode on the native camera, Instagram is offering the same mode for absolutely free on your older device. Yes, this is true as you would get kind of the same effect by using Instagram’s new Focus Portrait Mode. It’s pretty easy and quickly gets you the best of photos within your older device.

The new Focus Portrait Mode of Instagram adds up background blurring to your photo on the selfies and original photos taken through this mode within the application. Interestingly, the feature is now rolling out to all the users of this application with a new update.

Since the feature is designed from the advanced technology on the camera side, it is currently available for limited smartphones and not for all the smartphone users. The new Focus Portrait Mode is currently available on selected Android devices as well as iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus and other iPhones.

If you are eager to know how you can make use of this newly introduced Focus Portrait Mode on the Instagram application, here we are guiding you to go through the same. The points which are enlisted below help you out to get started with the new Portrait Mode in Instagram application.

The new Focus Portrait Mode in Instagram is just launched and should be there on your Instagram application. The feature is launched for the Stories section in Instagram. So yes, you would be able to add a new story to your Instagram using this advanced Portrait Mode.

In order to find out the new Portrait Mode, just swipe the carousel of camera. You could see the options under the main shutter button within the Stories section. I’m pretty much sure that you are very well aware of these options since you are already using this options a long ago.

While swiping the options, you could see the new Portrait option right there. The Portrait Mode option should be there besides the Superzoom mode which was previously launched by Instagram for the users to make the most of their Instagram stories. And now, this new Portrait Mode with an advanced capturing technology.

Now, in order to make use of this Portrait Mode, just select this option by swiping on the options. Focus on the object by tapping on the screen, the mode will itself turn the background around the object to blurry. Once you see a good looking object, tap on the Shutter button. You’re done. The new Story of yours will be created with the new Portrait Mode which is just introduced by the Instagram.

Interestingly, this new Portrait Mode feature also supports group objects which means you can focus on multiple objects while using this mode and it will blur the background of non-selected items.