How to upload files to Google Play books


One of the amazing feature in Google Play books is you can upload your own files which you can read them in the Google play books app. But remember that these files should be either PDF or EPUB files and these should be DRM free. DRMs are the things which allow the sellers to control what you do with their product for some extent.

Google Play books features the pretty decent eReader and the highlights of this eReader are syncs your notes, highlights the place where you leave off and syncs across all the devices on which you use Play Store and the syncing takes place with your Google account. Let see here how to upload your own files on to Google Play books.\


How to upload files to Google Play books

  • Before uploading the files you need to go in and upload the files manually. When you are doing it from web version of play books you don’t need to do this.
  • After opening the app hit the three lines next to book in the upper left hand corner and bring up the hamburger menu and select “settings”.
  • In the settings menu you will find different options and go to check “Enable PDF uploading” to proceed. Now you can upload the files.
  • To upload the files you need to save it on your phone or tablet and if you don’t have download the file to your device.
  • Once you found the file tap and hold it and an option will be shown to upload it to Google Play store.
  • Once you have uploaded this book then it will be shown in the Google play books and you can read it from wherever you want.