Updated new Apple TV to be unveiled in September



Apple is planning to announce new Apple TV in September. According to the BuzzFeed News, Apple will announce its new Apple TV at the event, where it will unveil new iPhones. This new Apple TV will come with some new changes and those changes include voice control with Siri, a new better remote with touchpad and App store. Since the debut of Apple TV back in 2012, this update will be the first update of Apple TV. The set box of the Apple TV will be slimmer than the current version and will also have some improvements.

This Apple TV will come with new design, much more memory and much better A8 processor. This will also have new operating system, which will support voice control Siri and some other third party apps from the Apple App store. Lastly it was reported that Apple will announce its new Apple TV in June, but now the plan has been pushed and most likely it will unveil it in September. Apple is not saying anything about the TV streaming service. Finally it looks like Apple is giving its Apple TV a major updates, which is much need I think. This new Apple TV will have more slim and refreshed design, faster and better processor and many more major features.