Updated Instagram shares your location automatically


We live in a world, where updating status and changing profile picture are considered more important after food and shelter. Social media platform is used as the best communicative and connecting tool to the world. Some people likes to share their everyday routine on the social media, for example- updating about the movie they are going for sharing the places they are visiting and many more.

The new updated version of Instagram makes it easier for its users to directly tag their photos with the location that automatically adds up to the map. There is no need of uploading pics separately when your sharing the location. Updated Instagram has completely eliminated the option ‘Add to Photomap’ button. Instagram has also changed some of its settings and updated the Photomap’s Help Page.

The Photo Maps option let users to select the geo-tagged photos which shows the exact location and allow users to choose whether they want to add photos to their maps or not. This option might be useful, if you just want to share and tag the photos and not to share the location on the map, but if your profile is public, anybody can get access to your profile, photo maps and even the exact location can be easily tracked.

Though the changes have been made concerning its users, it is difficult to check whether the users will be comfortable to share their locations automatically, if they tag their photos with location.

If you want to keep the images tagged, Instagram allows to remove photos from your Photomap, but it’s a long process. The process requires one to hop into the map through the profile page, hitting edit and then deselect the images you want to be removed (there is a Deselect All option) after Deselect all, you finish up by selecting Done and Confirm.

Hope that the users get comfortable with this new changes made by Instagram.