Unicode Emoji 11 to add 157 new emojis on iOS and Android


The Unicode Consortium has officially announced and finalised the new Unicode Emoji 11. The previous edition was Unicode Emoji 5 and the company is releasing the Unicode Emoji 11 directly by skipping the other editions. Well, the new update is worth noticing as it will add 157 new emojis to your device. Yes, the new Unicode Emoji 11 will bring a 157 new Emojis to your Android and iOS platform. 

Most of the Emojis from the 157 new emojis are of gender related and the updated versions of the existing emojis with new graphics, however you could also see a bunch of them which are totally unique and new to all the users. The company has just showcased the set of new emojis and we would get to see them live when the companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter acquire them in future. Yes, the same set of emojis can be explored through social networks as well in future.

In Emoji 5, we can see a lot of different types of emojis serving different expressions. But still, people get to explore more of them and the company is updating the set by adding 157 more Emojis to their existing set of emojis which is indeed a very good thing for all the people who love to use Emojis to express what they feel while chatting with their friends and loved ones.

We would get to see the implementations of this new 157 Emojis by Apple and Android to their existing smartphones later this year. You would only get 77 new Emojis with the Emoji 11, as the other emojis are there with multiple skin color so you can choose an appropriate color to use.

Emojipedia’s Jeremy Burge has shared some sample images of the new emojis along with a short video featuring the new emojis as well. The video shows how these new Emojis will looks like in real life on Apple based devices in the coming future. This emojis will work on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Mac as well.

Emoji 11.0 will be a revolutionary update which will add a handful of new emojis of different faces with curly hair, different skin tones and much more. There are some bald faces also appeared so we would see a lot of different types of emojis for everyone with the upcoming Emoji 11.0 update.

Apart from this, there are a bunch of new emojis which show you superhero styled emojis of male and female. You will also get to see a lot of new insects and animals such as kangaroo, parrot, peacock, swan, badger, llama, lobster, hippopotamus, raccoon, and mosquito. The new Emoji 11.0 also add a variety of food and drink emojis as well.

According to sources, the new Emoji 11.0 will be released in the upcoming June month this year. The set of new emojis will start appearing on the devices from the September month. The new Emoji 11.0 will be packed inside the upcoming iOS 12 update. If we talk about the Apple products, we would also see the same set of Emojis on Mac and Apple SmartWatch as well once it is officially released for the iOS devices.