UberRush is shutting down by Uber

By | April 1, 2018

Uber’s own on-demand package delivery service, UberRush is shutting down by the giant as it has failed to achieve critical mass for its growth in the market. Yes, RUSH will be no longer available to use and explore in the New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. The company has explained everything via an eMail. 

As per their official email to the subscribers and users, “At Uber, we believe in making big bold bets, and while ending UberRUSH comes with some sadness, we will continue our mission of building reliable technology that serves people and cities all over the world.”

First reported by TechCrunch, the UberRush New York team wrote a statement regarding this service. The email was sent out to all the customers to inform them about this particular service. The email confirms that the RUSH service is shutting down in the June 2018. Since this RUSH service didn’t achieve any growth, they are finally shutting down it as they will be concentrating more on other Uber Technologies in the coming days. They will bring something new for the customers in the near future.

“We’re winding down UberRUSH deliveries and ending services by the end of June,” an Uber spokesperson told TechCrunch. “We’re thankful for our partners and hope the next three months will allow them to make arrangements for their delivery needs. We’re already applying a lot of the lessons we learned together to our UberEats food delivery business in over 200 global markets across more than 100,000 restaurants.”

Uber introduced their Rush service in the year 2014. The company’s idea behind launching this service to let someone hire to deliver their package to a particular place or location. The company has further expanded the service in other cities within the country. However, the service was not up to the mark as people have started misusing it in various ways. Additionally, the service was not that good compared to other delivery services. For that reason, the company has decided to shutdown this service.

The UberRush service was available for the people who want to deliver a product not more than 30 pounds to a particular location. The service was not there to deliver animals, alcohol, illegal items, stolen goods and dangerous items like guns and explosives. A few months ago, Uber stopped this service for restaurants as they were misusing this service to deliver their ordered foods to the locations.

Since Uber has their own UberEats service for the restaurants, Uber asked them to use UberEats service instead of using UberRush. UberEats is Uber’s own food delivering service designed for the Restaurants around the cities of the United States. This service allows them to let decide the delivery location for their ordered food.

A couple of days ago, a start-up called Shyp, closed down. Shyp was an on-demand delivery service which is now shutdown due to the same reason. The server lets user to ship packages with just a few taps on the display. This is how the service was working and now Shyp is completely shutdown. Soon, you may no be able to use the UberRush service as well.