Twitter is testing a new feature to compose tweetstorms


Twitter is one of the most popular platform where anyone can speak their heart out. Yes, this microblogging website is widely popular over the world which has its own application for Android and iOS smartphones. People are happily using this platform to interact with the world’s people and to know what’s actually happening around the world. Twitter only allows you to compose a tweet of 140 characters. But now, Twitter is testing a new feature called tweetstorms which allows user to compose a lengthy tweet, the feature will divide this tweet into 140 character’s tweets and shows as a thread.

This is a much awaited feature which is finally hitting the platform. Sometimes, we require more space to update a tweet. Most of the political statements and other useful announcements can not be updated with 140 characters. For that, Twitter is experimenting a new feature called tweetstorms. This feature will compile your 140 character tweets into one thread so it will look like one big tweet. Since, it’s a microblogging site, it will not allow you to update full status with more characters, instead this tweetstorm will separate the statements into 140 characters and will present you as a single thread of tweets.

A user has found out this new teetstorm feature while exploring the application on an Android smartphone which simplifies everything about this new unannounced feature by Twitter. The platform is quite popular as more and more people are coming to use Twitter to explore the world’s movements. This user has come up with a screenshot of this new tweetstorm feature as well. So, the next time, whenever you see an update to your Twitter application, the application will push this new feature to your Twitter app. You can check out the live tweet with a couple of screenshots from here.

This new tweetstorms feature is still not live for the users and was not tested by the public. Twitter has officially declined on such feature. So it is not clear if this will ever be come in the official Twitter application or not. We don’t know event know the actual thing behind this experiments.

Until now, people have to Tweet one by one by replying to the previous tweet to compose a big Tweet. It takes more time and people find it very messy. Instead, they stop publishing big tweets and satisfy themselves with small ones only. So people are expecting a way with which one can easily compose a big tweet hassle free. Well, this tweetstorms feature will fulfil all your desires as it will itself create a thread of your lengthy tweet and publish as a thread. You can find out more about this new feature in the leaked screenshots posted above.

Apart from this, Twitter has recently pushed a new feature to the Twitter’s desktop interface by enabling Night mode feature. You can now enable the night mode feature on your desktop while exploring or surfing Twitter through your PC.

People are trying out various things to compose a big tweet, like most of them write a blog post and link their post to the tweet. Some other write a post on a notepad and take a screenshot of it and paste it over the Twitter as a photograph. Some people use manual tweetstorm by replying to previous tweets one by one. This is how the entire process is done for now. But if ever this new tweetstorm feature rolled out, it will be beneficial for everyone around the corner to come up with their full statement via Twitter.