Twitter suspended a ton of accounts for stealing tweets

By | March 12, 2018

Being world’s most popular microblogging website, Twitter has millions of users around the globe who are actively using the platform. Starting from the most common people to the high-profile personalities, pretty much everyone is using this platform. Today, the giant has suspended thousands of accounts of the users who were stealing others’ tweets. 

As an incredibly popular platform, there are regular users of twitter who publish witty tweets, funny tweets, motivational tweets and pretty much all types of tweets. Such tweets get retweets and likes and responds from other users. However, there are many users who are copying the tweets to get into the limelight. Twitter is now suspending such accounts without any notification.

Interestingly, Twitter has suspended a bunch of accounts with thousands and millions of followers. Many of such accounts are known as Tweetdeckers in the term of social media’s languages. These Tweetdeckers steal tweets from popular accounts without giving them proper credits for their tweets. The giant is now suspending all such users instantly and they are not able to tweet after this.

Many of them have confirmed that the giant has suspended the accounts of those who were spamming unnecessarily on the platform and and violating Twitter’s spam policy. So yes, all the fake accounts and the individual’s accounts who were violating the policy of the platform have been suspended recently by the giant.

According to Twitter’s policy, “You may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of spamming anyone.” The list includes a variety of options which unintentionally violates Twitter’s rules and regulations or we can say policy. Apparently, there are thousands of Tweetdeckers available who get benefits from the platform by getting sponsored tweet etc. After this streak step, the giant seems to close down the business of such tweetdeckers.

If we talk about the Tweetdeckers, they violates pretty much all the rules and policy of the platform. However, Twitter was not doing anything to those accounts since for a long time, but today, they have taken the step by suspending such accounts right away without any information.

Furthermore, the giant has also remove the third-party access to the platform, which means no any other platform will be able to use Twitter for tweeting. Social Media platforms are hugely used for spreading different types of news. In fact, the politicians have also jumped on to the platform to spread their news and activities and of course, many of them spread lies all the time. So there are a variety of ways to use the platform. Now, Twitter is making the platform more clean by suspending such bots from the platform. People who don’t follow the platform’s policy will be suspended from using their Twitter accounts.