Twitter now supports Apple’s new emoji


Apple has released a new iOS 11.1 Beta 2 update for iOS devices recently. The new update brings a bunch of new features along with the most demanded, 3D Touch App Switcher feature. The update also bring a bunch of new Unicode 10 Emojis to your iOS devices. And now, Twitter has started supporting the new Apple Emojis from the iOS devices. 

As you know, Apple has released the new iOS 11 worldwide on September 19th iOS devices. The new update is the best iOS update till date which brings a bunch of new features to the iOS devices. However, many people have found some issues and lack of other important features like 3D Touch App Switcher on the original iOS 11 update which is now coming to your device with the next iOS 11 update.

Since people have started using different types of chat apps and various stickers and emojis, Apple has decided to bring a bunch of new features to the iOS device’s native Keyboard app. This will give you the access of all the emojis from the native keyboard of your iOS device without using any chat app. Now, Twitter also supports these new Emojis which you can use in the tweet.

Since it’s a beta version, there is no any option of the new emojis in the original Twitter app. The option for this new emojis are still hidden and it is likely to be visible with the stable version of the next iOS update.

Many Twitter users who have upgraded their iOS devices with the latest update, have posted their Tweets featuring these new emojis. They look happy with the new emojis as they can now use all of them in a Tweet to express more of what they feel without using the words.

Being one of the most popular microblogging site, Twitter has been offering a bunch of new features. Recently, Twitter has been found testing a new Tweetstorms feature which allows users to compose a long tweet, this feature will separate your tweet as a string of tweets with 140 characters each. Save for later feature is also being tested by the users as the giant has started pushing the new update for the testers.

There is no any information regarding the compatibility of this new set of emojis to which devices. People who haven’t upgraded their device or have already upgraded their devices with the latest iOS 11.1 Beta 2 update, may see empty boxes as emojis as some of the devices are still not compatible with this latest update. Apple is currently looking for feedbacks from the users around the world, soon they will fix down all the issues regarding the compatibility issues.

TNW has shared everything regarding this new hidden Emojis’ set with the newly updated iOS devices. As per their post, “Almost nobody can see the updated emoticons just yet. The reason the new emoji will remain invisible to most users is that the icons are yet to make their way to the official version of iOS and other operating systems.”

Apple is likely to release the stable version of the new iOS 11 along with the iPhone X in the coming month. We would let you update with all the announcements made by Apple in the coming days. Stay tuned with us and get regular updates on technology news, smartphones and more!