TutuApp VIP Vs. TutuApp Regular – What’s the Difference?


TuTuApp is designed for the smartphone users around the world. TuTuApp is basically a new App store for Android and iOS smartphones. The app is widely popular over the world as it is available with two different versions for different types of smartphone users. The app is available with its regular version and a VIP version. Today, we will show you the actual differences between these two versions of TuTuApp. 

TuTuApp is here as an optional app store for both, Android and iOS platforms. The app is there to give you a bunch of extra-ordinary apps and games. TuTuApp was initially designed for the Chinese people and the app was launched with just one language, Chinese. For the very same reason, the users of this app outside China find it very difficult to use it as they don’t know Chinese language. Later on, the developers have designed the app with English version for the global users.

The app is available with The Best iOS and Android Helper as its English version. So it is now known as TuTu Helper.

The TuTuApp was not popular until they released the Mod version of the popular Pokemon Go app. With this modified version of the Pokemon Go, users of the game was able to fake the location and this way they had achieved a lot within the game. The Mod version also comes with the hacking capabilities of the GPS.

The app is known as one of the best platform from where people can get the best of modified versions of the popular apps and games. The app is now available on the PC platform as well. So it is now available for iOS, Android and PC.

The app comes with simplicity, anyone can start using this app or we can say platform to get the best gaming experience. It offers a set of popular games under one platform with which users can explore all of them without switching the apps. The app offers quick access buttons to navigate in the app.

TuTuApp is known as the best platform to get the most popular and favourite apps and games for absolutely free. Not just free apps and games, but the app also offers a variety of premium apps and games for free. Fortunately, the app doesn’t require a Jailbroken iOS device or a Rooted Android device. It works on both the devices very well.

If we talk about the compatible devices, the TuTuApp runs on iOS devices such as  iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 6 SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7 pro, iPad, iPod touch 5th & 6th generation.

Since the TuTuApp is available with its Premium version as well, it is completely different from the original free app. Being a premium app, the TuTu VIP version comes with a set of different features with the ease of searching and downloading your most desired apps and games.

If you are excited to know more about these apps and want to know the actual differences between them, here we have enlisted some of the key differences between both these apps just to get you the right information about both the versions of this apps.

TutuApp VIP Vs. TutuApp Regular

1. Revoke  

TuTuApp is not an official app as its free version. So the free version of this app can be revoked anytime by the respective Android or iOS platform so the free version of TuTuApp will not work properly on your device.

On the other hand, the TuTuApp VIP version will stay there forever and it will not be removed from the giant. With every new iOS or Android update, the VIP version of the app stays there will not remove from your device.

2. Games and Apps

TuTuApp regular version doesn’t offer more games and apps. While using the regular version of this app, you will have just a limited number of apps and games and for that reason, you may not get your favourite apps and games from this app.

TuTuApp VIP version opens up a whole new world of different types of apps and games for your Android and iOS devices. The Premium VIP version of the TuTu app offers more games to download with their MOD and Hacked version.

3. Request for New Apps and Games

TuTuApp’s free version doesn’t allow you to request for a new app. Yes, there will be no any such option in the free version of this app. So you have to use and install the apps and games which are listed on the app and there will be no any extra ones which you might required.

TuTuApp’s VIP version will allow you to request for a new app. You will see a new option which allows you to request for the desired apps and games which you want to install on your respective smartphone. So this way you can get the app from the officials in the coming days. You have to wait for some time to get your desired apps and game.

4. Functionality 

Apps and Games downloaded from the TuTuApp’s free or we can say regular version can be deactivated if the original app deactivates by the giant. So all the apps and games and their data will be lost completely from your device if you have installed them with the TuTuApp’s Free version.

On the other hand, the VIP version of TuTuApp will keep all your apps and games’ data safe and secured and the apps and games which you install through this VIP version will stay there on your device forever and won’t be deactivated.

5. Pricing 

TuTuApp Regular version costs nothing and is available for absolutely free of cost. Yes, you can explore the app’s Regular version for free of cost without paying anything.

The TuTuApp’s VIP version costs you $6.99. It’s a one time payment with lifetime updates. Once you purchased the VIP version of this app, you will receive regular updates of this app in future on a respective smartphone platform. The premium version or we can say the VIP version of TuTuApp will keep your account safe and secured.

TuTu app is not official and hence most of the people don’t recommend you to install this app on your device as it violates the rules and regulations of using the third party apps. The apps and games which you download through this app are not legal either. However, if you don’t mind with it, you can still go ahead and make the most of this platform to explore the best of apps and games.

The TuTuApp is available for PC, Android and iOS platform. You can know more about this app and can install it on a respective platform by visiting the official website from here.

So folks, this is what you might want to know about the available versions of the TuTuApp i.e. TuTuApp Regular and TuTuApp VIP. If you just want to test out the app, just go for the free version. If you are ready to go with the VIP version, just go to the VIP version and download what you want.

What’s your take on this guys? Do share your thoughts on this app? Will you ever use this app? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything more to ask or have any feedbacks to share, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!