Turn Off iPhone Without Using the Power Button


Android and iOs are the most popular smartphone Operating Systems or we can say smartphone platforms available in the technology market. We all know that Android has got plenty of apps for everything and you can easily get them working for free from the Play Store. If you are an iOS users using an iPhone, there are many tips and tricks which you should know to simplify your experience. Know how to turn off iPhone without using the Power Button from here. If you are struggling to use the Power button or the power button has been damaged to your iPhone, this trick will help you to turn it off instantly. 

Turn Off iPhone Without Using the Power Button

Note : Enable the Assistive Touch feature to your iPhone first. To do so, just go to :

Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Assistive Touch >> Turn on the Toggle

Step 1 :

Once you turn on the Assistive Touch Screen option, you’d see a special icon on the display of your iPhone. Just tap on this icon from the display of your iPhone.

Step 2 :

Once you select this icon, you could see a number of options from which you need to select the Device option.

Step 3 :

You’d see a Lock Screen option on the display. Kindly select and hold this option until you see Slide to Power Off screen.

Step 4 :

At the very next moment, you’d see this Slide to Power Off option on the display. Slide right to Power Off the iPhone instantly.

You’re done! By using this trick, you can easily turn the iPhone without even pressing the Power Button. This trick works well and helps you to reboot your iOS device if your Power Key stopped working.

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