Tsū : Money Making Social Networking website


The Tsū is one of the newest social website. It is also different from other website also. With this website you can earn money. This is a social network like  Facebook,but gives its 90% of its revenue to the users. The Tsu-Social network which gives social revenues back to you. Tsū is a free social networking platform where all of the money is made from the platform which are mainly distributed among the users of the platform in the form of royalties – after all, it is your content & your audience.


This website brings money from 3rd parties,such as  from ads, sponsorship’s & partnerships. and this money then distributed between the users by giving 50% of any revenue created going directly to the content creator (which is similar to the YouTube or Sound Cloud monetization models).

But unlike Facebook you just can’t sign up into it just by typing your name and giving an email address. You will need invitation or Tsu verified profile links.(Which we are ready to provide to you). There are some links are below which can help you to join Tsu and follow them to know more about, how to make more revenue from it. to use them you have to only copy it

Copy the links below to join Tsu and follow them to know more about revenue making from Tsu –


As per as the guidelines from Tsu then a person with average number of friends of 300 can able to earn up to 15$-20$ a day on average.Because the Tsu doesn’t itself  invite anyone to its social platform, it provides its users a short code with the help of them they can able to invite other members and distributes 90% of the revenue from its ads back to the users. This unique architecture creates an on-going revenue stream for its everyday users.  And also this kind of method will incentivize users to invite friends.

You can actually make money 3 ways by combining Tsū with YouTube and following these steps :

1)  First of all you have toPublish your video on YouTube, unlist it and ensure it is monetized on YouTube
2) Then, take the YouTube video link and publish it on your Tsū page where it will show a preview of the video;
3) Last, take your Tsu short code and announce everywhere which you have a new video on your
Tsū network.
4) This method allows you to make money :

  1. A) on YouTube,
  2. B) on Tsū
  3. C) any new Tsū user wanting to see your video forever is tied to you and you earn 33.3% of the revenue they create in perpetuity
    and about 11% of their audience’s income that they make forever.