Truecaller with real-time Caller ID available for Windows Phone 8.1


The Truecaller app for the Windows Phone platform has update. And this time the update app has allows the smartphone owners to see who is calling them,and it has been available for Windows Phone owners for some time. Today, a new update for the app released specifically for Windows Phone 8.1 Operating System users which able to adds the real-time Caller ID features.

Truecaller claims they have the first Windows Phone app that provides live Caller ID features and they also said that-

[quote]”Now, when Truecaller users are using a 3G or WiFi connection, live Caller ID will identify numbers from all over the world, even if it is beyond what is written in the user’s contact books. Not only will Truecaller show the names of incoming calls that are not in your phonebook, but it will also notify you if one of those calls is a spam call reported by the 85-million user Truecaller Community.[/quote]

truecaller for Windows Phone-Lumia

According to some of the reports, who said that Truecaller has worked in partnership with Microsoft to add this new feature in their app. The company quotes Mikael Stendahl, Head of Partner and Developer Relations at Microsoft, has said that-

[quote]”We are very happy to be able to support Truecaller in bringing this great functionality globally to Windows Phone for the first time. Our partnership goes back several years and we have seen that Truecaller is a very dedicated company focused on delivering a great service for its users.”[/quote]

If you want to download the updated app in your Windows Phone (Supports only Lumia devices), then you can click here!

Note: It requirex Windows Phone 8.1 to work, and it may be just for Lumia devices as it also needs the Network+ update.