Toyoto unveils third generation Humanoid Robot which mimics your movements

By | November 21, 2017

Today, Toyota has unveiled its third generation Humanoid Robot, T-HR3. The most amazing feature in this generation’s robot by Toyota is it captures the movements of the user and will act like him. It synchronises with the movement of the user and can be controlled by the one who is wearing it. It’s an advanced robot which is finally official in the technology market. 

The new Robot works with HTC’s Vive VR Headset, human needs to wear data gloves and all these devices are connected to the cameras to capture the robot’s movements.

The new generation Robot has force feedback-enabled control system with a proper display and suitable for the entire human body. The robot looks like a human in size as it has 5 feet of height and 165 lb weight. Interestingly, the giant has also released a video which showcases the actual functionality of this new humanoid robot. You can see how amazingly it syncs and controlled by the human. Check out the video right now!

As per the official statement, this new generation Humanoid Robots are developed to explore the possibility of assisting humans in the home, medical facilities, construction sites, disaster areas, and even in space. Since technology and its inventions are expanding the territories by introducing innovative gadgets, people are also anxious to make use of such gadgets in their life.

The new generation robot has Master Maneuvering System which capture every single move of the operator. With this new MMS, you can actually see how the robot is moving as per your movements in real life. The robots are carrying a variety of sensors and advanced technology equipments to make it suitable for everyone. Anyone can wear the suit and can start managing and controlling the robot.

The third generation Humanoid Robot by Toyota has 16 torque servo modules in the chair with motion and force sensors at the feet. In the joints, there are over 29 more torques available so it can control the entire human body and can act like the real human.

The robot has total 29 different body types including 10 fingers. When the user moves, MMS recognises it and the body parts will work accordingly. The user or the operator can make the robot move just by acting like walking on the suit. Just make the movements like you are walking and the robot will act like the same.

The robot comes with balanced control so even if it hits with some objects, it will manage to stand and will not fall down. It can also controls the force so you can do pretty much anything with this robot like a real human.

Akifumi Tamaoki, general manager of Toyota’s robots said in a statement, “The Partner Robot team members are committed to using the technology in T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that coexist with humans and assist them in their daily lives. Looking ahead, the core technologies developed for this platform will help inform and advance future development of robots to provide ever-better mobility for all.”

Toyota is a very well known name in the industry and the company is producing such robots for the industries since 1980. It’s a good move by the company as people will welcome such robots to make things done super easily. Toyota is constantly improving the design and other functionality of the robots with newer editions. The future looks very bright after seeing the Robot in action with real humanist movements.

The new generation Robot from Toyota will be there at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo which is kickstarting on November 29th. The Exhibition will last till December 2nd.

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