TouchPico – Android powered projector creates touchscreen anywhere


Touch Pico

We can proudly say, we are living in an innovation age, every day people across the world invent something useful for us no matter it is directly connected to us or not. This time out we find a pico projector on IndieGogo. The project is basically called TouchPico and it is not ordinary projector you are thinking; apart from being almost completely wireless in functionality and housing its own full copy of Android, TouchPico is a tiny projector allows you to turn any surface into a touch screen wirelessy.

Most pico projectors are basically thinned down units fit for minimal more than projecting an input video signal onto the roof or wall. Touchpico additionally has an HDMI input, so you could utilize it as a plain old projector, however we think you’d select rather to wake up the installed copy of Android 4.2 and run your applications out of the Google Play Store. While the Touchpico will perform fine and enjoyment and media playback, including the designers need you to push further, slideshows of the family vacation, playing games and other productivity applications that require critical users input.

TouchPico Stylus
As of now we do not have the actual device dimensions, but TouchPico as you can see in the image seems like a pocket friendly device, weighs “slightly heavier than the Galaxy S4 and the size is almost same(around 5 inch length).” The rest of the specifications you can see below:

TouchPico Specifications

  • Android 4.0 (but they say 4.2 in the video!)
  • Google Cast Streaming (No explanation is given here.)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • 80 Lumens (up to 80-inch projection)
  • Wireless mouse
  • SD Memory card
  • Audio Output

At the time of writing this article about this innovative device, the project has already reached 87% of its target, and it is just about to go live for a couple days! For now, I cannot tell you the certain date to availability of this product but yes you cab grab this TouchPico for about $310, with the device slated for a $500 price tag after it starts shipping in October.

Comment below, if you are excited to get the device in your pocket and also stay connected with us to see the hands-on of this, I am soon you see the video with the hands-on review in this website.