Torrenting without VPN: Is it Safe?

By | October 12, 2017

If you’ve been torrenting for years without using any VPN service, then you need to know a few things to download things from Torrents site safely. Nowadays, people are more into using different types of Torrents websites to download movies, wallpapers, pictures and more for free. Torrents sites don’t ask you to pay for the things which you might require. You can get your desired stuffs for absolutely free from the torrents sites. 

Most of the Internet users who regularly using Torrents to download stuffs from the web, have asked one common question on various forums and sites, “Is torrenting without VPN safe?” The simple answer is No. Torrenting without using VPN is not a safe move as per the experts and the Internet gurus. You should not explore such websites which are illegal.

If you’ve been a techie, then you might have been using a VPN service already on your system. So technically, torrenting without VPN is not a safe thing, but practically Yes, you can use torrents sites without VPN to download stuffs from various websites.

Using VPN services slow down the overall speed of your Internet connection, however it hides your identity and location completely to keep you safe and secured. No one can easily find out the IP of your computer and the location while using a VPN service. There are hundreds of different types of VPN service providers available in the market at cheaper rates with different plans. You can select a desired plan and can start using their services.

Since Torrents site work with peer-to-peer downloading option, the snoops can easily fetch your IP address and can find your location through your IP address. It can also collects the data of your computer by keep an eye on your activities. So it is better for you to keep yourself hidden from the snoops by using a VPN service. Snoops can save your data and they can use against you anytime they want.

Many government agencies are working on the same to block down torrents sites so they can keep the civilians safe from using such websites. There are plenty of risks you may face in the coming days if you use different types of torrents sites on your computer. Many people explore such sites and download stuffs with no fear, however this can give them a big trouble in future.

All the risks can be easily avoided with one simple move, by using a proper VPN service. You can even use Bittorrent proxy for the same. Using proxies can actually help you hiding your identity so you can easily explore torrents sites without showing your IP address. VPN encrypts your data and it will change the IP address as well your current location so you can freely explore the entire web and various websites without having any issues or troubles in future.

If you are wondering about the capabilities of a VPN service, then you should know a few things about VPN first. VPN hides your PC’s IP Address completely. With this, nobody can track you down. Apart from this, VPN also hides your downloading and other activities inside an encrypted connection. When you are connected with VPN, all the downloading files go through VPN’s servers which encrypts everything and offer safe web surfing and torrenting.

With the right VPN service provider, you can actually keep yourself safe and secured. It will cost you a few dollars only, however in return, it will fulfil everything. You can maintain a good relationship with your Internet service providers and can keep your PC’s data secured from the snoops.

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